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Precision Control

Rotax's® award- winning iNR (Intelligent Neutral and Reverse) technology brings you the ease and confidence of electronic shifting and throttle control to your boating experience. Rotax's® iNR technology overcomes the characteristic low-speed maneuverability compromise that jet propelled boats traditionally have by eliminating mechanical shift and throttle controls. iNR technology allows you to cruise, tow and dock your Scarab boat with the utmost confidence and authority - you are in full control in any boating condition. You'll appreciate effortless shifting from neutral to forward to reverse, along with the ability to adjust your Scarab's neutral position "on the fly". Combined with Rotax's® Lateral Thrust Control you will be in confidence-inspiring control of your Scarab boat at all times.

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Detailed Craftsmanship

Scarab boat builders in Cadillac, MI have a forty year track record of building some of the finest boats in the world. Learn more about the quality and attention to detail that goes into every Scarab jet boat.

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2017 Scarab Jet Boat Lineup

See all of the bold, fun, sporty boats from Scarab Jet.

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